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  04.06.2014 - [CON] Convegno in collaborazione Università Bocconi

Convegno in collaborazione con l'Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Antitrust & Information 

Today there is much talk of information. Expressions such as “information technology” and “information market” are now commonly used also within the broader scenarios of “knowledge economy” and “digital society”. Via computers, mobile devices, clouds and the internet in general, more and more firms decide to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate information in order to compete and innovate. Nonetheless, the relationship between information and antitrust law has not been fully explored yet. True, we already benefit from some valuable observations. For instance, we know that complete information is among the conditions of perfect competition; that information sharing may facilitate collusion; and that the economic features of information goods and markets make them diverge from textbook cases. Yet, more has to be said also about the antitrust policies, approaches and remedies that could arise from the many business actions pivoting around information and information goods, and those giant information providers acting in both ordinary and information markets. The conference aims to gather together the most diverse ideas and insights on this kaleidoscopic relationship between information and antitrust law.

20 June 2014 9:30am Room N03 - piazza Sraffa 13

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