1. Raffaele Scuderi, Università di Enna, Kore, “Ownership, organization structure and public service provision: The case of museums”, giovedì 8 marzo ore 17:00.
  2. Manuela Mosca, Università del Salento, “Monopoly power and competition, the Italian marginalist perspective” martedì13 marzo, ore 13:00.
  3. Martin Falk, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, Vienna, “Ways of the green tourist in Europe”, jointly with Eva Hagsten, giovedì 5 aprile 13:00.
  4. Sucharita Ghosh, University of Akron (USA), “Do the Intellectual Property Rights of Regional Trading Arrangements Impact Foreign Direct Investment? An Empirical Examination”, mercoledì18 Aprile 13:00.
  5. Paul Wilson, Clemson University, USA, “Inference in Dynamic, Nonparametric Models of Production: Central Limit Theorems for Malmquist Indices”, giovedì 3 maggio ore 13:00.
  6. Luigi Pascali, “ Religion, Division of Labor and Conflict: Anti-Semitism in German Regions over 600 Years, 2017” with S. Becker, martedì 15 maggio ore 13:00.
  7. Alessandra Chirco, “Vertical Differentiation beyond the Uniform Distribution”, giovedì 17 maggio ore 13:00.
  8. Andrea Mantovani, Università di Bologna, “The dynamics of online hotel prices and the EU case” con Carlo Reggiani e Gustavo A. Piga, mercoledì 23 maggio ore 13:00.
  9. Alessandra Luati, Università di Bologna, “Generalised autocovariances and spectral estimators”, giovedì 31 maggio ore 13:00.
  10. Giorgio Fazio, Newcastle, UK, “Civic and human capital accumulation under "ecological influence": evidence from a field survey”, 23-25 ottobre.
  11. Paola De Agostini, University of Essex, ISER, Uk, “Projecting child poverty in Scotland”, autunno 2018.
  12. Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), L’Aquila, “TBA”, autunno 2018.

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