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  27.10.2020 - [EXT] 2020 ENCATC Research Award on Cultural Policy and Cultural Management

On 11 November, ENCATC, the leading European network on cultural management and policy, will announce the winner of the 2020 ENCATC Research Award on Cultural Policy and Cultural Management edition at the occasion of the annual Ceremony being held during the 2020 ENCATC Digital Congress “Cultural management and policy in a post-digital world – navigating uncertainty” (3-11 November).

There are four recent PhD recipients in the running for this only international Award recognising excellence in cultural policy and cultural management research. Having been selected by the Award’s seven international jury members, these finalists are authors of important research shedding light on contemporary cultural issues and challenges by analysing them and offering policy solutions.

The finalists in 2020 are: Ali FitzGibbon for her PhD The Artist in the Room: An investigation of the independent artist as stakeholder in the decision-making of subsidised theatre in the UKobtained from the Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom; Eman Kandil for her PhD “The EcoMuseums An Approach for the Preservation of Heritage Attributes in Egypt’s Historic Urbanism” obtained from the Menoufia University in Egypt; Rocío Nogales for her PhD Social Transformation and Social Innovation in the field of culture: The case of the SMart model and its adaptation across Europeobtained from University of Barcelona in Spain; and Anastasiia Sedova for her PhD Spaces Out of Religious Useand ecclesiastic architecture as marketable real estate assets: a potential solution for Russia's abandoned religious heritage artifacts, obtained from the Politecnico di Milano in Italy.

The Award winner will have their work published in the ENCATC Book Series on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education, by international publishing house P.I.E. Peter Lang.

Launched in 2014, this prestigious recognition aims to stimulate academic research in the field of cultural policy and cultural management with an emphasis on its applied implications. The ENCATC Award also has the ambition to contribute to the process of creating a network of scholars who are competent in doing comparative research projects in cultural policy and cultural management.

Learn more about the 2020 ENCATC Research Award: https://encatccongress.org/award/

ENCATC is the European network on cultural management and policy. It is an independent membership organisation gathering over 150 higher education institutions and cultural organisations in over 40 countries. ENCATC was founded in 1992 to represent, advocate and promote cultural management and cultural policy education, professionalise the cultural sector and make it sustainable, and to create a platform of discussion and exchange at the European and international level. ENCATC is an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO and is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The 2020 ENCATC Digital Congress is done in partnership with the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, a member of ENCATC.

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